Donor Generations: Shedding some light on the way various generations of donors engage in charitable giving

Donor Generations: Shedding some light on the way various generations of donors engage in charitable giving

Joanne Fritz (, 2010), states in an interesting article on the subject of Charitable Giving by different Generations, (which ultimately serves as the core of my pilot study for this course), that in a recent study done by Convio, Edge Research, and Sea Change Strategies, considerable light is shed on the way various generations of donors actually engage in charitable giving.

“The study points out that while the majority of fundraising is targeted to, and meant to attract, mature donors (those born before 1945), that segment is rapidly shrinking. So how should fundraisers reach the next wave of donors while continuing to derive the most possible in gifts from the Matures?

The fact is that Matures still give the largest gifts, even as their generation decreases in numbers, while younger donors, from Baby Boomers (born 1946-1964) to Generations X (1965-1980) and Y (1981-1991), must be encouraged to fill the ranks. The problem is that the same methods that appeal to Matures don’t always work with younger donors.”   


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