Surname                                           Du Bois

Name                                                 Mia Heleen

ID No                                                  890802 0183 089

                                                              (22 years of age)

Residential Address                     30 Hendrik Boom Street




Tel (home)                                         023 347 4693

Tel (cell)                                             082 922 9104

Nationality                                         South African

Sex                                                         Female

Marital status                                    Single

Dependants                                       None

Health                                                  Excellent

Home language                               Afrikaans

Other languages                              English (fluent), French 178 (First year studies 2008)

Driving licence                                 Code B

Religious conviction                    Christian


Sport:  Netball, tennis, soccer, touch rugby, horse riding, jogging

Music:  Singing, playing guitar, performing

Socializing and spending time with friends and family; enjoy meeting new acquaintances and                                                                                          interacting with people, working as promotional model / ambassador at functions /                                                                                                            launches in the media environment

Arts and culture:  Painting, drawing, being creative, reading, traveling, enjoying the                                                                                                         outdoors, animals



Degree:                                              BA Language and Culture

Graduated:                                        December 2010

Institution:                                        Stellenbosch University,South Africa


Post Graduate Diploma (PGD):    Marketing

Graduated:                                          December 2011

Institution:                                         Stellenbosch University, South Africa


Currently enrolled for:              Masters (MA) in Media Theory and Practice

Institution:                                         University of Cape Town (UCT)


First year (2008)

Subjects:       French  (Distinction)

Psychology  (Distinction)

Information Technology Skills

Theatre Studies

Afrikaans en Nederlands  (Distinction)

English Studies

Second year (2009)

Subjects:       Psychology   (Distinction)

Afrikaans en Nederlands  (Distinction)

English Studies

Theatre Studies

Third year (2010)

Subjects:       Afrikaans en Nederlands (Distinction)

English Studies

Theatre Studies (Distinction)

Meta Science (Distinction)

2007            Certificate:     Matric

Institution:    Montana High School, Worcester,  South Africa


Afrikaans 1st Language      HG      A

English 1st Language           HG      A

Biology                                    HG      A

Business Economics           HG      A

Home Economics                 HG      A

History                                     SG      A

Art:  Painting                          SG      A

Average:                                  97.4 %




Stellenbosch University


Elected Vice-Primaria (Irene Ladies Residence)

One of the Top Achievers in Afrikaans and Nederlands (318 & 348)

Top Ten Netball:  Irene Residence


Invited to become a member of the Golden Key International Honour

(International Society for Academic Excellence)

Editor:  Irene Residence Annual Newspaper

One of the Top Achievers in Afrikaans and Nederlands 278 (2009)

Residence Sport Representer:  Netball

Member of Residence 1st Team netball (Won Maties netball Summer league April 2009)

JOOL / RAG committee (Marketing)

Member of Irene 1st Team soccer

Member of Irene Kleinsêr as well as Molassesêr

Presented MK-Campus music television show in November 2009


One of Top achievers in Afrikaans and Nederlands 178 (end of 2008)

Crowned Winner of Miss Republiekfees 2008

(Helderberg Male Residence)

Runner-up:  Miss Irene Residence

Top Ten Netball:  Irene Residence

Member of Irene 1st netball team

Member of Irene 1st soccer team

Member of Irene Kleinsêr as well as Molassesêr

Residence Huisdans committee

Was chosen to feature in annual SRC election campaign promotional video

Montana High School

2007         Grade 12:

Award for Top-achiever / DUX-student:  Grade 12 (97,4%)

Award for DUX-student of the Year / Matriculant Of The Year

2nd place in Western Province:  Senior Certificate 2007 – History (99%)

Honorary colours for Academic Excellence

Member of Student’s Council / Prefect 2007

Half-honorary colours for Netball and Tennis

Award for Best Senior Debater:  Grade 11–12

(ATKV debating competition)

Member of school’s Spirit-Committee

1st Team:  Netball, Tennis

Mr. and MissMontana:  Runner-up 2007

2006          Grade 11:

Academic Top-achiever (1st place in grade):  Grade 11

1st Team:  Netball, Tennis

Half-honorary colours:  Tennis


YOU / HUISGENOOT Magazine:  31 May – 11 June 2010

Exposed to: Staff meetings and planning sessions; several media launches; various departments

Assistance and responsibilities:  Administration, fashion sourcing and assisting Fashion editor before and during shoots; assisted in organizing You / Huisgenoot Annual Hero function; involvement in community outreach projects; general office assistance.


Worked as Brand ambassador, promotional model and marketing assistant for the following clients / companies since September 2010:

  • British American Tobacco (BAT)
  • Distell
  • Mercedes Benz
  • SAB



Izelle Venter

Editor: You / Huisgenoot Magazine

Tel:                   021 406 3208

Cell:               082 331 8087


Frieda Le Roux

Promotions:  You / Huisgenoot Magazine

Tel:                  021 406 3943

Cell:                082 7424156


Mr Gerhard Biesenbach


MontanaHigh School

Tel:                  023 347 0476



About kieks

Who am I...? well, firstly, at 22 it's still not so easy to answer this supposedly simple question. I'm a different person today than I was a year, or even 6 months ago. Maybe tomorrow I fall in love, meet a new friend, be part of a miracle, experience a tradegy or listen to an inspirational song and see things differently than I do today... But at this moment in time, in a nutshell I would say that I'm completely content. What can you say about yourself that would make you more special, or any different than the person sitting next to you, except for your height, hair colour and shoe size..what makes ME different? extraordinary? unusual? exceptional? The answer lies deep, deep down to the furthest and yet unreached bottom of my soul - a place still waiting to be fully discovered, explored and exploited... the quest to find that piece of extraodinariness is a long and tough yourney of its own, for some (better) days the answer floats up to the surface and glows for a while in the life's sunlight...other days that same glistering confidence of yesterday seems to sink away to a place where it's light is almost impossible to see...About myself? Who am I? I am the girl who, inspite of stormy seas, believes that, by letting your extraordinariness float on the surface you see the light reflect on the faces of those who look at you...

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