Some more poetry……



By Mia du Bois

Majestic magnificent beast

tis’ been so until today

obediently succumb to his master’s wish

but still

not in the least

losing nature’s own stubborn will.

powerful gracious creature

silently, mysteriously. .

God’s creation in every feature.

proud beyond compare

long muscular legs standing tall and strong

As if to say, come closer, if you dare.

carrying man and his burdens

without complaint or refusal

since the dark ages

and still humbly, thankfully accepts

but a little fodder

rejecting any form of wages.

on it’s hind legs it sometimes

reaches for the sky

going up, up, up

proud head and mane in the air, as if trying to fly.

a pleasure wagon for young and old

a comrade in war and peace

nature created this beautiful being

body, soul, spirit poured into the perfect mould.

far would one have to travel

behold, beyond the unknown realm

where ancient pegasus graced the skies

and unicorns once raced the earth

to find

a creation as noble,

no matter what the source –

it’s been written in a thousand words and more –

as man’s best friend

the horse. . .


About kieks

Who am I...? well, firstly, at 22 it's still not so easy to answer this supposedly simple question. I'm a different person today than I was a year, or even 6 months ago. Maybe tomorrow I fall in love, meet a new friend, be part of a miracle, experience a tradegy or listen to an inspirational song and see things differently than I do today... But at this moment in time, in a nutshell I would say that I'm completely content. What can you say about yourself that would make you more special, or any different than the person sitting next to you, except for your height, hair colour and shoe size..what makes ME different? extraordinary? unusual? exceptional? The answer lies deep, deep down to the furthest and yet unreached bottom of my soul - a place still waiting to be fully discovered, explored and exploited... the quest to find that piece of extraodinariness is a long and tough yourney of its own, for some (better) days the answer floats up to the surface and glows for a while in the life's sunlight...other days that same glistering confidence of yesterday seems to sink away to a place where it's light is almost impossible to see...About myself? Who am I? I am the girl who, inspite of stormy seas, believes that, by letting your extraordinariness float on the surface you see the light reflect on the faces of those who look at you...

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