Eat your Heart out…..

The Art of Living

by Mia du Bois

You were only an idea

A momentary single creative thought

Somewhere in the right hemisphere

Of your Artist’s brain.


In one explosive moment

Of utter euphoric inspiration

The creator’s pencil dotted you down

On the canvas of life

Only a dot you were

Invisible to the unappreciative artistic eye

Slowly your outlines were

Carefully marked

A few crucial shadows here and there

Began to give dimension

To your stick-like pencil frame.

A pencil sketch you could not stay

You were not a ghostly watercolor creation either

For that your colours were too vibrant

No –

A worthy thick-based, extraordinarily

Beautiful oil painting you were destined to become…


About kieks

Who am I...? well, firstly, at 22 it's still not so easy to answer this supposedly simple question. I'm a different person today than I was a year, or even 6 months ago. Maybe tomorrow I fall in love, meet a new friend, be part of a miracle, experience a tradegy or listen to an inspirational song and see things differently than I do today... But at this moment in time, in a nutshell I would say that I'm completely content. What can you say about yourself that would make you more special, or any different than the person sitting next to you, except for your height, hair colour and shoe size..what makes ME different? extraordinary? unusual? exceptional? The answer lies deep, deep down to the furthest and yet unreached bottom of my soul - a place still waiting to be fully discovered, explored and exploited... the quest to find that piece of extraodinariness is a long and tough yourney of its own, for some (better) days the answer floats up to the surface and glows for a while in the life's sunlight...other days that same glistering confidence of yesterday seems to sink away to a place where it's light is almost impossible to see...About myself? Who am I? I am the girl who, inspite of stormy seas, believes that, by letting your extraordinariness float on the surface you see the light reflect on the faces of those who look at you...

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